Frequently Asked Questions

Your payout is generated on every Thursday, between 9:00PM to 11:59PM. The minimum balance for payout generate is Rs.300, the payout is generated automatically. If you have any issue in your payout, contact us on 8797334173 or mail us on [email protected]
Payment is received in your bank account every Friday between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. In some cases, the payment will be delayed and it will be credited within 72 hours after payout generated. If you face any issue in payment please contact on 8797334173 or mail us on [email protected]
Generally, KYC is approved in 24 hours of your submission. In some cases it takes 48 hours, if your KYC will not approved or rejected under 48 hours, you will contact with our admin department. Or, call us on - 8797334173 Email us - [email protected]
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